Protect your body from environmental toxins and pollutants. The methylation cycle is key for regulating nervous, cardiovascular, and immune systems, plus detoxing the liver, balancing hormones, and promoting gut health. With a unique blend of high-quality ingredients, this advanced formula maintains healthy methylation status, including regulating levels of homocysteine. This is essential because healthy homocysteine levels help enhance blood vessel lining, brain tissue structure, and blood flow to support heart and brain health.

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Helps fight oxidative stress by providing glutathione, the body’s “master antioxidant”

Stress Response

Activated B vitamins and co-factor nutrients support the body’s ability to manage stress


Features Quatrefolic® to deliver a "finished" folate the body can immediately use — especially important for people with MTHFR mutation




It's an intimidating name for something you should definitely understand. Methylation is a process occurring constantly throughout your cells where atoms are transferred onto other substances. That transfer turns on important biological switches affecting neurological, cardiovascular, and detoxification systems. The methylation process is dependent on a vitamin called 5-MTHF. If there is sufficient 5-MTHF available, the process runs smoothly. Here's the catch, though: Approximately 60% of people in the U.S. have a genetic mutation that makes it difficult to create sufficient 5-MTHF. That mutation can be detected by a simple genetic test, and treated through healthy lifestyle changes and a high quality B-vitamin and L-5MTHF supplement, like Lifeforce Methylation.