January 29, 2024

Member Spotlight: Alex Nettey, 40 and Focused on the Future

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Member Spotlight: Alex Nettey, 40 and Focused on the Future

Alex Nettey is best known in his community of Santa Fe, New Mexico as a hardworking residential real estate broker. But the title of Dad is something he is loving in this chapter of his life. Quiet by nature but fierce in action, Alex, 40, is an accomplished CrossFitter with long-distance endurance dreams in his future. Fueled by constant curiosity and the drive to learn new things about himself and the world around him, Alex was quick to leverage his personalized Lifeforce data and insights and put his plan into action. 

On the most important thing in his life…

Health and family are very closely tied to each other so for me they are equally important. If I'm healthy, I can be there for my family. If I'm not, then I can’t. We've just started our family, and I’m proud to be raising our kids to also learn the importance and connection of health and family. I want to be as active as possible as a family while they are still young enough to want to hang out with me.

On the importance of getting ahead of health issues…

My father has ongoing health issues. A couple of years ago we came pretty close to losing him. That was scary and unexpected and when I saw him in the hospital bed like that, it was one of the first times I experienced the fragility of life and just how important staying on top of our health is.

You just never know when this sort of stuff is going to hit you. All you can try to do is put yourself in the best position to not be confronted with the same challenges. Seeing my parents and other people in our lives that have experienced health issues makes me try to make the best decisions I can as often as I can. And being with Lifeforce is a part of that.

On the power of good nutrition…

Hyper-palatable foods are contributing to our country’s obesity problem — it's tough to watch. I think I'm a good example of a person who can make significant nutritional changes at any point in your life. In my childhood I was a terrible eater. But I finally wised up once I got to college and I continue to learn more through Lifeforce. Making good decisions with nutrition is a lifelong commitment but it’s a commitment that you can make at any point in your life.

When I found CrossFit I found myself getting competitive and I wanted to improve. The key was nutrition. I started to tinker with things to see what made workouts feel better, especially when you're doing those high-intensity workouts. You can see the difference when you are working out, there's no way to get around that.

Alex Nettey Weight Lifting

On testing and learning…

Before joining Lifeforce I didn't know anything about biomarkers. And I definitely didn’t know how my nutrition could affect my biomarkers. I love that Lifeforce gives me a deeper idea of what's going on inside my body. And the great part is that you can play with something for a few months and you'll know if it's working or if it's not. I think it's really helpful to try things and see what affects the markers that we're working on.

I’ve added Peak NMN™, Vitamin D, and DHEA slowly over time and can see through retesting that they are helping my biomarkers move in the right direction. I don’t have to guess what they are doing for my body, I can actually see the results.

On how his personal goals have evolved…

I’m transitioning to more of an endurance athlete now. I’ve had past success in the world of CrossFit, but this past year I've gotten obsessed with learning about the world of ultramarathoners. I have always said that I would never do a marathon — I used to think to myself ‘why would anyone do that?’ But just last week I was in my garage on my treadmill and the next thing you know I ran 17 miles. I don't need a medal or to be cheered on by crowds. I'm pretty sure one day I’ll literally go crank it out in the garage listening to radio or podcasts. I don't need to win anything. That’s not what it’s about for me. Maybe that will change in the future, but for now I'm just enjoying having that beginner's experience and mindset. 

On why he’s all in on Lifeforce…

It’s truly a great program and it’s important to me to help spread the word. We need to get more people to take control of their health. If you are not proactive with your health then you aren’t doing everything that you can to live a full life. It’s as simple as that.

Ready to take the reins and optimize your health? Learn more about Lifeforce and join Alex HERE

This article was medically reviewed by Vinita Tandon, MD, ABIM Board Certified in Endocrinology and Metabolism. 

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