February 14, 2024

HSA and FSA with Lifeforce

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The IRS allows you to use your HSA/FSA funds after you have made purchases from Lifeforce with a Letter of Medical Necessity, which Truemed helps you get.

You can find itemized invoices for your orders in your Account Dashboard under Orders & Subscriptions > Order History.

Pharmaceutical Purchases

You should only need your itemized invoice from your > Order History to submit a claim for Rx purchases. Simply download your invoice and submit it for reimbursement through your FSA or HSA plan administrator.

Lifeforce Diagnostic, Membership, or Nutraceutical Purchases

To receive reimbursement for the Lifeforce Diagnostic, Membership, or nutraceutical purchases, most FSA and HSA plans will require an itemized invoice and a Letter of Medical Necessity. Lifeforce has partnered with Truemed to make the process of receiving a letter quick and easy.

To request a letter follow the steps below. Please note that you must have a qualified reason to receive the letter.

  1. Complete a short qualification survey. This will take about two minutes and will enable Truemed to assess your eligibility for a letter.

  2. If your purchase is eligible based on your responses to the survey questions, a Truemed provider will draft a Letter of Medical Necessity for you and you will receive it by email in approximately 48 hours. This email will include additional instructions for submitting a request for reimbursement.

For additional information about Letters of Medical Necessity, check out the Truemed FAQ.

For other questions about reimbursement eligibility or claims, please contact your plan administrator. This is usually coordinated through your employer or health insurance carrier.

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