November 06, 2023

4 Common Signs You Could Benefit From TRT

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4 Common Signs You Could Benefit From TRT

Did you know that mens' testosterone levels start declining in their 30's? While this is natural, there are things that you can do today that can help slow the decline and treatments that could increase your testosterone and free testosterone.

If you are over 40 and experiencing any of the following, it could be due to low testosterone and you could benefit from a clinically prescribed TRT program like the one Lifeforce offers.

You can also take our quiz to see if you are potentially a candidate for hormone optimization therapy.

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Is hormone optimization right for you? Let's find out.

Is hormone optimization right for you? Let's find out.

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1. Weight gain - If you have put on extra weight over the last few years even though you haven't changed your routine, it could be a sign that your testosterone is low. Low testosterone levels can cause a decrease in muscle mass which causes your metabolism to slow. So the very same workouts you were doing when you were in your 20's might not have the same effect once you pass 40.

2. Lower Libido -Testosterone isn't the only thing that fuels sex drive and performance. But low testosterone can mean you're more likely to have sexual problems like lack of sex drive and trouble getting an erection (erectile dysfunction).

3. More Fatigued Than Usual - If you have noticed that you've been spending more time on the couch or it's tougher to get out of bed, it could be your testosterone levels. This flywheel also causes your workouts to be less effective, which can further decrease muscle mass.

4. Cognition and Mood - If you aren't feeling as mentally sharp as you used to be or you notice that you are more irritable, it could be a sign of low testosterone. This is often one of the first areas that men who start TRT notice improvements in. The only way to know if you have low testosterone is to get a blood test and review the results with your doctor. You can save $200 on the Lifeforce diagnostic today and take the next step in becoming the healthiest version of yourself.

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